Land Freight

It is the backbone of transport between neighboring countries and it is a fast way to transport goods of large loads between countries.
AlSerafi International shipping Company provides you with the best possible solutions for your land freight requirements by equipping its fleet with the best vehicles for various cargos from Dubai up to all Gulf countries except Qatar, and from Dubai to Syria and Jordan.
AlSerafi Company has all the necessary and required expertise and the ability to transport all kinds of cargos using the best equipments that suit different weights and sizes of goods.
As AlSerafi International Shipping & Logistics Services in general and Land Freight service in particular, we are pleased to offer our extensive and reliable transportation services whether it is FTL : FULL TRUCK LADING, or (partial load) LTL : LESS TRUCK LADING.

land cargos is received by our agent in the country of origin according to the following three methods:
1- Receiving the goods in the factory in the country of origin : EXW / EX- WORK
2 – Receiving the goods in our warehouse in United Arab Emirates: FCA / FREE ON CARRIER
3 – Receiving the goods at Dubai Airport or Jebel Ali Seaport and take it into the UAE market or transport them to Syria using our own trucks.
General information about Land Freight:
1. Land transport document is issued , it’s a document that indicates the receipt of the goods.
2. Land transport document Code : CMR
3. Information about the consignor and the consignee.
4- Car plate number.
5- Details of the goods (weight – type of goods – number of packages …)

Types of trucks:
There are several types of heavy trucks (trailers)
A-Refrigerated trucks used for food transport.
B – Super lorries ( lorry trails) of 12 meters length approximately.
C – Car carrier trailer.
D – Trucks with sides

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As AlSerafi International Shipping Company , our goal is to achieve the highest standards in shipping & customs clearance services. As a specialized & integrated company in handling shipments, we always strive to provide our services within the fastest schedule and accurate dates to deliver the goods to our customers.